Dates & Destinations for Gap Year / College Programs

Fall and Spring semester options

As of April 1, 2014 Global Routes is accredited by the American Gap Association and is currently in it’s re-accreditation year.  Learn more here about AGA accreditation.

2017/18 PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS FINISHING 12th grade or higher



Dates Length Tuition Language Suggestion Focus/Highlights
Costa Rica/Panama Teaching Internship Program SPRING: 2/21/2018 to 5/15/2018 12 wk $8,995 2-3 years Spanish Teaching, Environment, Public Health, Spanish Immersion/Rainforest, Surfing, Snorkeling, White Water Rafting
Ecuador and Galápagos: Teaching Internship Program FALL: 9/13/2017 to 12/5/2017 12 wk $9,995 2-3 years Spanish Teaching, Spanish immersion, Public Health, Environmental Conservation, Andes, Galápagos Islands


Dates Length Tuition Language Suggestion Focus/Highlights
Nepal: Teaching Internship Program FALL: 9/13/2017 to 12/5/2017

SPRING: 2/21/2018 to 5/15/2018

12 wk $9,795 None Teaching, Public Health, Eastern Philosophy, Nepali language, Agriculture, Environmental Conservation/Trekking in the Himalaya, Safari, White Water Rafting, Meditation Course


Cross-Cultural Immersion

Global Routes brings people with different worldviews together in order to foster a strong global community. We believe that the best way to create meaningful cross-cultural relationships is through immersion in small, rural communities abroad. Living and working with people throughout the world challenges both you and local community members to step outside of your boundaries and open your hearts and minds to new people and cultures.


All of our programs begin with an in-country orientation designed to orient you to your surroundings through safaris, rainforest excursions, visits to ancient ruins, or multi-day treks. The orientation also focuses on learning a new language and cultural traditions, introducing you to your group and leaders, and giving you the knowledge and support you need to dive into your cultural immersion experience in your host communities. This is a crucial time for cultivating independence for gap year students so that you feel confident living independently with a host family and learning valuable life skills that will extend far beyond the program’s end.

Community Service and Teaching Internships

Our two program models are designed to integrate you into the daily rhythms of life in a host community by working alongside locals in various capacities:

  • Teaching Internship Programs: Extended community immersion
    By staying put in one local community, you have an incredible opportunity to make meaningful, long-lasting connections. You and a fellow group member collaborate with local teachers to teach English, math, science, or any number of other subjects in a rural primary or secondary school. You may also coach sports, tutor, or lead art and music workshops. This internship does not require mastery to teach, only a genuine and humble passion for inspiring others to learn. Enjoy the supported independence of living with your own host family and establishing a daily schedule of your own activities and responsibilities.
  • Community Service/Teaching Internship Programs: A balance of community immersion and inter-country travel
    Explore the great variety of landscapes and cultures in several different countries in the region and take the time to hang up your travel shoes in two different local, rural communities. In your first host community, your group collaborates with community members on a service project they have selected. Typically these projects are construction-based with plenty of chances to use your hands and physical strength to help build something as useful as a school classroom, community center, playground, or soccer field. In the second half of the program, you and one fellow group member take your newfound knowledge and confidence with you to a new host community. Enjoy a bit of independence from the larger group as you live with your own host family and collaborate with your fellow group member and local teachers to teach English, math, science or any other number of subjects in a rural primary or secondary school.


The greatest highlight for many of our students is the homestay that runs parallel to the community service project and the teaching internships. Whether you live with your own host family or together with a fellow group member, you come home after a solid day’s work to smiles, curiosity, and excitement. Prepare dinner with your host mother, teach your host brother a few words of English, or journey to the family farm. As you spend time together, you learn an incredible amount about the challenges and joys of life in the village and form relationships that will not soon be forgotten.

Travel Adventures and Debrief

In all of our programs, there is ample opportunity for adventure! During a mid-program break, occasional weekends, and the final week of the program, you travel with your group to unique parts of the country or neighboring countries to explore a unique culture, natural landscape, or exciting adventure. Time spent enjoying the beaches, jungle, or coastal waterways of a place you have come to love is also the perfect space for reflecting on your experiences, celebrating your great contributions and discoveries, and eventually preparing for your return home.

Group Size and Leadership

Our Gap and College programs have a maximum of 14 students per group. For groups of up to 8 students there will be one leader. For groups of 9-14 students a second leader will accompany the group. Additionally, all programs regardless of size will work with 2-3 in country support staff.