This is a unique and exciting opportunity to deepen your educational journey after your program is complete and remain connected to the Global Routes community.

Join us in sharing your experience with students and their families, as well as schools and youth organizations interested in the Global Routes experience. We are constantly hearing from Alumni for years ago and love staying up to date on where each of you are and what you are up to. Send us an update, we would love to hear from you!

The GRAD program will include the following opportunities and more:

  • Be a voice for Global Routes and help us spread the word about our programsLaurel Barton Kenya11_1 copy
  • Plan events on your at your school to share your experience with your peers
  • Gain valuable training to support other students in their study abroad pursuits
  • Publish your writing and reflections on our blog and newsletter
  • Host alumni gatherings and information sessions for prospective students at your home, local library, or school
  • Play a critical role in building a culture of global awareness at your school and in your community


2014-2015 GRADs:

Arielle C., Tanzania ’14




Emily K., Ecuador & Galapagos ’14




Sija L., Belize ’14




 Caroline L., Costa Rica ’14





We want you to serve as a voice for Global Routes!







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